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Logistics and delivery

Our manufacturing process is well organised, efficient and well tested.

We carry out quality checks on incoming raw materials, as well as during the processing stages and in the final testing phase before delivery.

We strictly comply with the delivery terms and time schedules agreed with our customers, and are well aware of the responsibility that we are accepting on confirming each order. We are able to operate according to various standards: JUST IN TIME, KANBAN and VENDOR MANAGED INVENTORY (VMI) with minimum agreed stock management.
Our response time to inquiries is very short (on average, less than a week).
Our products are delivered in packaging agreed with our customers and are always supplied with a (standard or personalised) test certificate.

Mould designing and construction

We offer a one-stop designing service for moulds and any auxiliary equipment necessary for specific machining cycles.
Each design phase is carried out with the highest degree of accuracy to ensure an efficient result, perfectly in line with our customers’ expectations.