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Accessories for industrial vacuum cleaners

Accessories and customized technical solutions for industrial suction. Creativity and innovation at your service.

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The right materials for any design

Progetto gomma srl ​​has the technical experience necessary for the production of high quality elastomeric parts.

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Grey line

Professional line

Professional line of accessories made with special mixtures, resistant to oils and refrigerant fluids on factory shop floors.


Metal line

Metal accessories

Professional line of metal accessories made with aluminum, zinc-plated steel, AISI 304 and 316 varieties of stainless steel as required.


Black line

Special electrically

Professional line of accessories made with special electrically conductive mixtures.


Flexible hoses

Suction and passage of air

Flexible hoses for suction and passage of air, fumes, shavings, dusts, textile filaments and other abrasive materials.


White line

Accessories silicones

Line of accessories made with silicones and other specially formulated mixtures using ingredients in compliance with BfR and FDA.


Sleeves and junctions

Special rubber and silicone compounds

Line of accessories for industrial-type vacuum cleaners and liquid suction systems, designed with special mixtures of rubber and silicone.


Brushes and floor nozzles

Line of bench brushes and floor nozzles

Line of bench brushes and floor nozzles for industrial vacuum cleaners. Available in various shapes and diameters for fitting on to mountings or double curved tubes of 38, 40, 50 or 70 mm diameter.


Other accessories

Other vacuum cleaner parts


Star-shaped filters, round and oval thistle disks for brushes, diameter reductions in rubber, flanges for floor brushes, plugs for tangential intakes, intake seals.


The following list illustrates the main
applications where our products are employed:

Factories, construction sites, pharmaceutical industries require care and maintenance.
The secret? Powerful vacuum cleaner and great quality accessories.


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