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An accessory for every application

Inside production sites where product manufacturing and processing is carried out, the qualitative aspect of the end-product concerned is closely linked to the cleanliness of the machinery that makes it and the tidiness of the surrounding work environment. Cleaning, and regular maintenance, are therefore synonyms for quality and efficiency, which are often translated into reduced costs and customer satisfaction. Suction systems and accessories should therefore be chosen carefully, taking into consideration specific requirements as to their reliability and resistance to wear and tear. In industrial environments, single-phase or three-phase machines are required, which are capable of working for long periods and, in certain cases, in continuous cycle, with powerful motors to suck in both solids and liquids at the same time. This is the reason why the choice of accessory attachments or terminal tools for removing waste becomes fundamental to achieving top performance. For the same reason, Aspirogom has created a comprehensive range of ergonomic, safe and highly robust accessories, which are specially designed to be long-lasting and always up to their task.

The following list illustrates the main
applications where our products are employed: